Stop Toxic Coal Ash in Baltimore!

Say No to Dumping Coal Ash in a 65 acre Landfill near the Baltimore Harbor!

The slow pace of action in the Senate and the failure of Copenhagen, has us naturally wondering what’s next for the climate movement.  The answer is right in our backyard.

Baltimore Harbor has been abused by polluters and neglected by state agencies charged with protecting Maryland's waterways. Now, Constellation Energy is proposing to dump millions of pounds of toxic coal combustion waste, otherwise knows as coal ash, from its power plant right next to the Harbor itself.

Coal Ash does not belong anywhere near our harbor.  It can be recycled and not dumped.

You can get involved now to improve enforcement of existing laws and support a better healthier way by encouraging the EPA to do its job of protecting our environment. 

Maryland's Dept. of the Environment (Land Management Administration) needs to hear from you to stop the permit process.

This is our State and if we don't act to protect it, who will?

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